Golf Fitness for coaches

Golf is a sport built on measurements and accuracy, Kinexit is the perfect tool for you to measure your student golfer’s fitness. Expand the possibilities as a coach, ensure that you are optimizing all aspects of training for your students.

We help teaching professionals

  • Deliver personalized golf-specific fitness training.
  • Stay engaged with their students’ in-between lessons.
  • Communicate through video, SMS and e-mail.

Many of my students experience stiffness or pain when playing golf. After using Kinexit's training and warm-up exercises, my students feel a huge difference in their body. They’re booking more lessons and spend more time on the course.


Matz Evensson
PGA Head Professional, Frösåker G & CC

How to get started

1 Send a membership to your golfer
Assign Kinexit memberships to golfers with your logo on it.

Send a membership to your golfer

2 Body tracking
Simple screening that you can do with your golfers.

Body tracking

3 Stay in touch
The Coach dashboard makes it easy to keep your golfers engaged.

Stay in touch

4 Send Videos
Record, upload and send videos to golfers.

Send Videos

Why clubs love Kinexit

  • Golfers are satisfied

  • Golf Pros earn more

  • Golf Clubs increase revenue