A digital tool designed to give teaching professionals an easy way of providing personalized fitness for their golfers.

Golf fitness is becoming an ever-increasing factor for serious golfers wanting to improve their game as more and more teaching professionals, and coaches alike are realizing the body is an essential tool for becoming a better golfer. Expand the possibilities as a coach, ensure that you are optimizing all aspects of training for your students.

We help teaching professionals and coaches

  • Deliver personalized
    golf-specific fitness training.

  • Stay engaged with their students in-between lessons.

  • Increase revenue
    and earn more.

Screen golfers in 10 minutes. Kinexit will do the rest for you.

Kinexit complements the programs and packages you already offer your golfers. All you need to do is help your golfers take the screening. Kinexit will then identify your golfers pain, stiffness, and restrictions and automatically create fitness training programs which focuses on improving these areas.

Get your golfers playing more.

To experience measurable results within a short time frame, we recommend golfers workout with Kinexit at least 15 minutes 3 times per week. We recently studied a group of Kinexit users which showed more rounds played, higher swing speed, more distance, and lower scores.

Effortless from start to finish.

Kinexit removes the effort from testing, developing training programs and keeping track of your golfers. Create, send and track your golfers online on one platform. With Kinexit, you can increase your revenue and earn more.


Our teaching professionals, academies and clubs have one thing in common: they all have a unique set-up. We use custom pricing to find the best solution for your business model.

Whether you’re buying for a single lesson, adding value to your lesson packages or looking for a club solution. That’s why we need more information about your needs.

Our plan starts with a 14-day trial. No strings attached.

What do our clients say about Kinexit?

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    3 reasons PGA Teachers and coaches use Kinexit

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